Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Re(hypno)birth of Mutha Courage

Well hello again,

As if by magic, by which I mean as if by magic(al hard work) and with the contents of this blog firmly beside me and not behind me, I've started yet another new chapter of my life. I have launched my new Hypnobirthing business, called Mutha Courage Hypnobirthing. It wasn't an extensive brainstorming session to get to the name, I'll admit.

Anyway, training as a Hypnobirthing teacher was one of the first things I did for myself in the real world when I was recovered, recovering, recoverding. I really feel like Hypnobirthing helped me. Not only did it give me the absolutely serene and incredible birth of my son (not that I'm smug), but it also taught me so much that really, really helped my recovery. Beyond that it's even impacted on the way I'm parenting. I'm hypno-raising my boy.

So, tell all your friends! Or the pregnant ones at least. If you're curious, even the non-up-the-duff amongst you can check out my marvellous website: 

Love and html coding,

Mutha Courage

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